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SoCal Eco-Detail – Lexus SUV (2)

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Monday January 16, 2017

This morning I performed a wash and wax on the Lexus SUV which I detailed about a month ago. The interior was still clean while the exterior had picked up some dirt from being driven in the rainstorms that have recently been hitting Southern California. The wheels were definitely in need of a good cleaning and the car needed a coat of wax to prepare it for the next wave of storms.

After taking a few photographs I washed the wheels, performed an eco-friendly rinseless wash on the exterior, dressed the wheels and tires, gave the car a coat of wax and treated the bumpers. Times for the different steps:

10:31am Initial inspection and photographs.
11:10am Wheels washed. Prepped buckets for wash.
12:19pm Finished wash and wax of exterior.
12:35pm Wheels waxed, tires and bumpers dressed, glass wiped down.

The entire process including wheels and wax took about two hours.


I put one gallon of water and a small amount of Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine (ONR) into a wheel bucket into which I also put some brushes. I sprayed the tires and wheels with ShineSupply's All Purpose Cleaner(APC) diluted 1 part to 10 parts water and used the brushes and a black microfiber towel to clean the dirt and brake dust from the tires and wheels.  After the rest of the car was washed the tires were dressed with ShineSupply's Decked Out and the wheels sprayed with Meguiar's X-Press Spray Wax and buffed with a clean towel. 






I used an eco-friendly rinseless wash and the two-bucket method to clean the Lexus' exterior. A grit guard was in a clean rinse bucket with three gallons of water. The wash bucket had two gallons of water and two capfuls (1 ounce), of Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine (ONR). For today's wash I used a new chenille microfiber wash mitt which was put into the wash bucket and soaked in the ONR solution. I pre-washed the car using a spray solution of ONR and then gently wiped down one section at a time with the wash mitt. After each panel was washed I sprayed Meguiar's X-Press Spray Wax onto the wet panel and buffed it dry with a plush MF towel to in one-step dry the panel and also lay down a coating of protective wax. This procedure was repeated for the whole car. After each panel the wash mitt was cleaned in the rinse bucket before being reintroduced to the wash bucket. I used a detailing brush to remove some muck from under the door handles.

The car cleaned up really nicely. I dressed the black bumpers with Chemical Guys' Black on Black Spray Dressing and finished by cleaning the windscreen and side windows, buffing them with a shot of Meguiar's X-Press Spray Wax.

Before – water spots on the chrome strip

After. Shiny!

Black on Black really makes the black strip pop

Looking better than when new. Shame it's shut away in the garage!

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