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SoCal Eco-Detail – Turquoise Blue Porsche 993 Targa

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After I finished cleaning the white Toyota Tercel I turned my attention to my own turquoise 993 Targa which I last washed about two months ago. The interior was still clean and the exterior had held up well despite the car having been driven in the recent rainstorms. However the wheels were filthy and I wanted the car looking at its best before it goes to the body shop for some minor insurance work next week.

This was an opportunity to do another rinseless wash on my car. I was not pleased with the results of its previous wash, my first experience with a rinseless. This time, instead of using the Lake Country Grout sponges, which I felt may have caused some marring of the clearcoat, I decided to go back to my usual practice of washing the car with multiple microfiber towels, which once used were never reintroduced into the wash bucket. This is my patented preferred one bucket, one touch method of washing higher-end cars and vehicles. I don't use the one bucket, one touch method on all cars, as it can use a lot of MF towels, which all have to be cleaned afterwards. In truth, a second bucket is used, exclusively for cleaning the wheels. I did a pre-wash walk-around and took some photographs, mainly focusing on the wheels.

The plan was to wash the wheels, perform a quick eco-friendly rinseless wash on the exterior, dress the tires and give the car a coat of wax for protection and shine. I noted the times for the different components of the process:

10:00am Initial inspection and photographs.
10:05am Began work on the wheels.
10:40am Wheel washing finished, exterior wash started.
11:45am External wash and wax completed, tires dressed.
11:50am Final wipe down and photographs.

The entire process, wash exterior, clean wheels, and wax took under two hours. The goal is to do all four wheels in under 40 minutes and to perform the exterior wash and wax in 45 minutes.



I started by hosing off the wheels to remove loose dirt and brake dust. Next, I put about two gallons of water and a small amount of Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine (ONR) into my wheel bucket into which I also put my wheel brushes. I started by liberally spraying the tires and wheels with ShineSupply's All Purpose Cleaner(APC) diluted 1 part APC to 10 parts water. After letting the APC sit for several seconds the tires and wheels were brushed until clean with a soft brush. I used a boars hair brush to clean the wheels and the lug nuts. A wheel woolie was used to clean between the spokes and to reach through to clean the barrels of the wheels. Excess liquid was wiped off using a black microfiber towel. Remaining dirty residue was spritzed with hose water and dried with a black MF towel. I noticed a lot of metal particles embedded in the front rims which could not be removed by washing or buffing. This calls for the future use of  an iron remover/decontaminant like CarPro's IronX to help get those 20 year-old wheels looking as good as new again. After the rest of the car was washed the tires were dressed with ShineSupply's Decked Out mixed with 2 parts of water for a look like-new satin finish. Finally some protection was added to the wheels which were sprayed with Meguiar's X-Press Spray Wax and buffed with a clean towel. This should help reduce the amount of brake dust sticking to the rims in future.

Passenger Rear Before

and after

Passenger Front before

and after

Driver Front before

and after



I used an eco-friendly rinseless wash and one-bucket method to clean the 993's exterior. I prepared a wash bucket with two gallons of water and two capfuls (1 ounce), of Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine (ONR) and put five high quality yellow microfiber towels to soak in the solution. The car had been through a couple of recent rain storms and was relatively clean but I always perform a pre-wash on this car. I made a stronger solution of ONR for the pre-wash into a hand-held pump sprayer. I started by spraying the glass roof, the side windows and the windscreen, waited for about a minute before squeezing out most of the ONR solution from the first yellow microfiber towel in the wash bucket, folded it into quarters and lightly passed it over the roof and windows of the car. As a section of the towel became soiled I turned it to a clean section and continued until the roof and windows had been wiped clean. After these areas were cleaned I discarded the towel. Before the glass dried I used a clean waffle weave MF towel to remove the excess liquid from the just-washed area, applying very little pressure and using only the weight of the towel in light movements, with no back and forth rubbing; one of the many great features of ONR is that it absorbs into the drying towel and wipes off very easily. I continued in this way, working around the car, one panel at a time, and never allowing a used towel to go back into the wash medium, the remainder of which was as clean at the end of the car washing as it was before I started. I used a detailing brush to clean around trim, emblems, handles, etc. Once the dirt and grit had been removed it was safe to use more vigorous rubbing with the MF towel to remove a couple of stubborn marks without causing any scratching or marring. To finish the exterior detail I sprayed Meguiar's X-Press Spray Wax onto one panel at a time and buffed with a clean plush MF towel leaving behind a coating of protective wax and a high shine. 

The tires were dressed with ShineSupply's Decked Out mixed with 2 parts of water for a look like-new satin finish. Finally the wheels were hit with Meguiar's X-Press Spray Wax and buffed with a clean towel.

When I washed the car two months ago I applied  Chemical Guys Black on Black to the rear grill and inside the engine bay. Both these areas were still perfect and in need of no further attention.

The car came out well. the wheels look much better. Q1. What can be done better? A. Decontaminate the wheels. Q2. Where can I save time without sacrificing quality? A1. Perform a one-step dry and wax, by spraying Meguiar's X-Press Spray Wax onto a just-washed panel and drying and buffing in one go. A2. It was not necessary to use the hose on the wheels; APC and ONR with a good wipe-down will get the job done just as well.

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