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March 16th, 2011

Row in College

A Recruiting Guide For Female Student-Athletes

Learn how to get recruited to row in college


Row in College – A Recruiting Guide for Female Student-Athletes is a fully comprehensive guide to the women's college rowing recruiting process. It contains most of what you'll need to know and the actions you will need to take to be successfully recruited to row in college.

The Row in College eBook comprises many sections covering everything from defining what you want to get out of your college experience, selecting a college that meets your criteria, marketing yourself to coaches through to closing the deal with the college that will provide you with the best possible academic, athletic and personal experience.

Among other things, you will learn to:

  • Choose the right college — Would you prefer a large campus, or are you better suited to a smaller one?

  • Should you stay close to home or should you head out of state?

  • Find the right rowing program — Is this team and its coach a good fit for you?

  • Understand what college coaches are looking for — do you have the academic, leadership and athletic qualities they seek? Are you a good fit for this team?

  • Be persistent during the recruitment process — how to stay in touch without being annoying.

  • Ask the right questions.

  • Use effective recruitment methods — email, video, on-line services, racing schedule, summer camps, follow ups, etc.

  • Make the best use of your high school coach to help you in the recruiting process.

  • Position your academics and your athletic skills for success — the correct course-load, timing of tests, the importance of good grades.

  • The importance of good rowing and erg performances.


What's inside this eBook?

  • The importance of choosing a college based on academics first, athletics second.

  • Choosing a location. Many choices. Home or away. Some like the idea of leaving home to attend college while others like the idea of staying close to home.

  • Courses offered. Campus and class sizes. Reputation of the school and its professors.

  • We show you how to find and contact all the schools that offer collegiate rowing in the United States.

  • We'll take you through the process of researching the various rowing programs to find the one that is best for you.

  • We cover the choices available to lightweight rowers, coxswains and high school athletes with little or no prior rowing experience.

  • We will walk you through the process of marketing yourself and increasing your chances of getting coaches to recruit you.

  • Researching potential coaches. How to make sure that the college coach is a good fit for you and your personality.Corresponding with college coaches.

  • Learn how to write a great initial contact email to get them interested in you. The importance of continuing the conversation via phone and e-mail.

  • College visits. We take you through the differences between unofficial campus visits and official recruiting trips. We explain "Junior Days". We show you what to look for when you're visiting colleges and we provide you with an extensive selection of questions to ask college coaches, college rowers and college admissions.

  • We explain the importance of the NCAA Eligibility Center and how you should use it. Presenting your records to college administrators. Your grades are so important in your choice of college.

  • We provide a suggested timeline – what to do from freshman through senior year.

  • We discuss the National Letter of Intent process, and early and regular decisions. We explain the "tagging" of applications and the Ivy League's likely letter process.

  • We walk you through the main NCAA rules that concern you during the recruiting process.

  • The Power Tens: We've identified the 10 things you MUST do and the 10 things you must NOT do to be recruited to row in college.

Table of Contents

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What will you learn?

Within minutes of reading our +70 page eBook, you'll gain a better understanding of the recruitment process; you'll be in a good position to define exactly what you want to get out of college, and you'll be ready to start to build yourself a great marketing campaign. You will want to begin the process to becoming a recruited college rower today!


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Who is this book written for?

Row in College – A Recruiting Guide for Female Student-Athletes is intended for any female student-athlete who is thinking of rowing in college or university. It will walk you and your parents through the recruiting process and it will show you how to increase your chances of being recruited by the college that is right for you academically, athletically and personally.


Book details

The author has been coaching rowing for over 20 years, and during the past 10 years as head coach of two nationally-ranked junior programs he has successfully helped hundreds of high school rowers and their parents through the college recruiting process. He has actually coached many college coaches and recruiters and has strong relationships with most of them, so he knows what they are looking for when recruiting high school athletes. He recently helped develop a college rowing recruiting consultancy service and he is currently developing an after-school high-performance training center that is specifically geared towards helping high school athletes get recruited to row at college.

The main reason for writing this book is to help the many students and parents who need to get started and who have very little knowledge on how to proceed. We believe that after reading this eBook you will have a better understanding of the college recruitment process and we hope that it will help you make better decisions. We cannot guarantee that you will be recruited or that you will receive an athletic scholarship, but you will be better prepared and you will know more about the process. This book is intended to explain the choices you have, how to research colleges and rowing programs, and it will show you the importance of marketing yourself effectively.


We share your passion for rowing and we want to see you having a happy and successful rowing experience at college. We hope that you are convinced of the value we are offering you. Over 10 years of successfully coaching, mentoring, and guiding rowing recruits, all packed into a convenient eBook that you can instantly download and keep forever. Fully supported by our expert support team where you can ask questions and seek further advice.

Do not become like so many other high school seniors out there. You know who they are — clueless, stuck, without a college scholarship and ultimately settling for the wrong school. All those blisters, years of practice and coaching gone to waste. Dreams of competing in Division 1 unfulfilled. Instead, instead let us show you how to get your bowball in front by getting recruited by the right school and the right team. You and your family have spent thousands of dollars in program fees, travel costs and uniforms, tee shirts, etc. You have spent countless hours at practice and made so many lifelong friends through crew. Don't let all this go to waste. Please think twice before paying hundreds or thousands of dollars to virtually useless consultants. For only $10.00 you'll have virtually everything you need.

Are you ready to take your rowing to the next level? If not now, then when? If not you, then who? JUST DO IT NOW!

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